Navy Bans Vaping on Ships

The U.S. Navy will ban the use of electronic cigarettes on ships following about a


zen reports of explosions and injuries.  The temporary policy banning vaping on ships goes into place next month, naval commanders said in a statement on Friday,

according to the As


ted Press. The comm

anders said the ban is intended to protect sailors and the fleet, saying overheated batteries in the electronic cigarette equipment have caused explosions that led to fires, burns and facial disfi

gurement.   In

an eigh2020老版跑狗图60期 t-month stretch, 12 incidents related to vaping prevented sailors from working for a combined 77 days. Some sailors who sustained injuries were restricted to

light duty for five months, the AP reported. The Navy will make a final decision on the policy afte

r further analysis. Vaping will still be permitted in certain areas on land.   Write to Mahita Gajanan at