How much is the average Brit worth in savings, wage and property?

The average Brit is worth 158,543 on2020第84期跑狗图 paper, a study has revealed. While it may seem as if we don’t have two pennies to rub toget

her, a tally of wages, value of our homes, cars, savings and personal possessions means in theory we are worth a six figure sum. According to research by Post Office Money, Bristol residents are worth the most, reaching a heady 308,219 wi

th Edinburgh folk second at 202,468 and Londoners third with 181,221. If yo

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g behind, you might be able to boost your wealth by getting on the property ladder or saving into a stocks and shares ISA. And there is a big gap between the sexes with t

he study finding men are worth 60,000 more than women, notching up a value of 165,701 when the figures are added up compared to a woman’s worth of 104,711. Unsurprisi

ngly, our value increases as we mature starting at 50,861 in our t

wenties, rising to 73,779 in our thirties and more than doubling in a decade to 163,093 in

our forties. By the time we hit our 60s we are worth 264,193, the study of more than 2,000 adults found. Almost half of Brits reckon they will

boost their value by saving more, four in ten

are relying on wage rises and a quarter say it will go up once they reduce their debt.