Son admits fleecing his elderly mum out of £30,000 after she gives evidence

A mother aged 93 gave evidence from beyond th

e grave that led her son today

to admit fleecing her out of 30,000. Ellen Snelling accused Derek, 67, of defrauding her in a 50-minute police video made five months before she died and shown in court. In it she said she wanted to “wring his bloomin’ neck”. Exeter C105期特码玄机图库 rown Court heard he admitted putting 4,

000 of his mum’s money in ‘s

omeone else’s name’ and told one of his daughters it would be h

is if she died. Hearing: Derek Snelling app


ed at Exeter Crown Court (Image: Rex) Snelling denied four charges of fraud but chan

ged his plea after his mum had given her video evidence. Mrs Snelling was in

terviewed by p

olice in April 2013 and died in Se

ptember the same year. He will be sentenced at a later date