Two mums give birth to triplets in SAME hospital in the space of 24 hours

Two mums beat incalculable odds to both give birth to healthy triplets - in the same hospital in the space of just 24 hours. First-time parents Kevin and Farahnaz Field welcomed their three girls - all conceived naturally - into the world at Croydon University Hospital, south London. Just hours later proud dad Kevin, 43, was showing off pictures of his trio in the waiting room to stranger Manda Johnston, whose waters suddenly broke. Manda, 36, was then rushed to a delivery suite, where she gave birth to three boys. Midwife Gina Brockwell said: This is a very unusual event in any hospital. Typically we see triplets approximately once a year - but not twice in 24 hours. The whole

department is so proud to have played a big part in caring for them all. It was amazing. The Field family triplets of girls (right) and Johnson family triplets all boys . Two mums beat incalculable odds to both give birth to healthy triplets – in the SAME hospital in just 24 hours (Image: SWNS) Kevin and Farahnazs non-identical triplets Shanaya, Zahra and Katrina were born by scheduled caesarean on 11am on Thursday June 5. Manda and husband Ken welcomed their three boys - Toby, Luke and Elliott - into the world at 10:30am on Friday, June 6, less than 24 hours after the Fields. Her triplets were delivered by emergency caesarean at just 3

2 weeks, and little Elliott weighed just 4lb. Manda, who conceived through IVF, said: I saw the pictures of Kevins babies, and laid down to read my book and my waters broke. Elliott was quite ill when he was born. He had a collapsed lung three times in the first couple of days and had to have three chest drains. Hes just needed a little bit of oxygen to help since but now hes doing well. It was quite hard be2020第80期跑狗图资料 cause I wasnt able to hold him until he was two weeks old, but now he screams even louder than his two brothers. Super cute: The two sets of tiny triplets (Image: SWNS) All six babies are now back at their homes in south Croydon. First-time father Ken, 39, said: Its tough when I go to work but when I

get home I take over so Manda can have a go

od rest. Stay-at-home mum Farahnaz, 37, said her daughters were keeping her busy at all hours of the day and night. She said: Sometimes its difficult if they all wake up together - they make a bit of a racket when theyre all upset at the same time. Its really quite hard work when theyre all hungry. It takes about two hours to feed them all. Zahra is quietest, but Katrina we nicknamed patience because she hasnt got any. Scene of the miracle: The babies were born at Croydon University Hospital Fewer than 200 sets of triplets are born annually in Britain and the odds of bringing three of the same sex into the world are 8,000 to one. But this occurrence was made even more remarkable because one of the sets was conceived naturally. Midwife Gina added: Having a baby is a life-changing event. It can be bewildering and exciting when you have just one baby, let alone three. Both families would have been cared for by every part of our maternity service, throughout their pregnancy, the birth and by the neonatal team. We look forward to caring for both families in their new - if very busy lives.