Who is Georgia Steel? Love Island 2018 star's Instagram, famous ex and why she's obsessed with clubbing

Love Island 2018 welcomed two new faces in the first week - Georgia Steel and Rosie Williams , who were parachuted into the villa to stir up the cast and shake up some of those couples. Georgia, a 20-year-old from York who works part-time as a barmaid, says she needs a man who can tame her and is willing to do whatever it takes to find herself the perfect bloke. The student was rocked when Niall Aslam, who she was coupled up with, quit the show on June 12 stating personal reasons. Heres more information on the reality princess: What was Georgias Love Island journey? Georgia wasted no time in getting to grips with her new partner After Niall quit the show, an emergency recoupling was called. Beforehand she appeared to be torn between Charlie and Josh - the two latest male additions to the villa but after a chat with Josh in which h

e said if he wanted anyone to choose him, it was her (possibly because he knew the others were all taken?) - she told him hed have to wait and see what happened. Hayley was up first and she chose Charlie, so unless Georgia was about to throw the cat among the pigeons and steal someone elses guy, it looked like a dead cert shed opt for Josh. She didnt turn cat like and no pigeons were hurt as she decided Josh was the man for her - for now. It didnt take long before she was testing the theory out and snogging his face off under the covers. But she admitted she was holding herself back despite the heavy petting and in a moment of teary honesty confessed she had real feelings for Josh. He was chuffed and the couple seemed to be getting closer by the day. Until... the boys went off to second villa Casa Amor along with six new girls to tempt them. And tempted Josh was, by the very beautiful make up artist Kazimir Crossley. He didnt even try to hold back, admitting there was something there between them that doesnt occur often. Georgia was heartbroken at Joshs betrayal (Image: ITV) Read MoreRelated ArticlesLove Islands Georgia left devastated after learning Josh cheated with Kazimir in the most brutal way Georgia on the other hand, although slightly tempted by the new boys in the original villa, decided to stay loyal to Josh and was ultimately humiliated when the boys returned to the villa. She was left standing o

n her own and forced to watch as Josh strolled in with his new lady. After a few breakdowns, Georgia decided to crack on and took Sam and Lauras man Jack on dates, infuriating her so called friend. She even grabbed hold of Jack and kissed him at the end of the date, which Laura will no doubt discover. At the recoupling though, Georgia and Wes had to choose one of the least popular Islanders, as voted for by the public, to couple up with. Her choices were Adam, Sam or (new) Alex and she had little choice but to opt for Sam. Despite this, they actually started to hit it off and ended up getting closer by the day. Sam and Georgia on learning theyd have to leave the villa if they stayed together (Image: ITV Picture Desk) Read MoreRelated ArticlesLove Islands Georgia Steel and Sam Bird STAY in the villa in shock stick or twist decision Until, the Islanders were sent off to a Beach Club, thinking it would be a fun filled day of love and laughter in their happy couples - and then the Flack arrived. The public had been voting for their favourite couple and Georgia and Sam ended up being left with the choice of leaving the villa together or staying but splitting up and reverting to sin

gle status. They shocked the rest of the villa by choosing to split, although Georgia did a good job of looking upset. Immediately after, they both went on dates with two new girls and two new lads. and didnt seem too distraught by it at all. Sam telling the villa he wouldnt couple up with anyone except Georgia (Image: ITV) Read MoreRelated ArticlesLove Islands Sam and Georgia REFUSE to recouple so are forced to leave the villa Back in the villa though it was time for a recoupling and since Sam and Georgia hadnt managed to keep their hands off each other, they decided it would be impossible to couple up with someone else and so refused to. As a result they were dumped from the island in week six, but were happy to finally be an official couple. Who is Georgia Steel? (Image: REX/Shutterstock) The beautiful brunette student may have been single for the last two years, but she knows what she doesnt want: someone cringy. Cringy really turns me off, she said ahead of her introduction to the villa. I like someone whos real and treats me like a lady. I also like someone who is manly, protective and fun. It’s good if they have a bit of banter about them. Her perfect first date would

be drinks then clubbing - and her potential beau should always check what kind of food she likes, after a disastrous date at a seafood restaurant. Read MoreRelated ArticlesLove I

sland newbie Georgia Steel, 20, refuses to rule out sex on TV as student promises theres been nobody like me! Georgia Steels Instagram You can keep up with Georgia at @geesteelx , where shes already found herself over 6,000 followers. She frequently posts sexy selfies, bikini snaps and pictures of her luxurious holidays and wild nights out. Who has Georgia dated before? (Image: REX/Shutterstock) Georgia was in a long-term relationship between the ages of 15 and 18, but they grew apart after nearly three years. After that she moved to London where she let my hair down and dated a few guys, but didnt find anything serious with them. She also claimed shes dated a famous man

before - but wouldnt let slip his name. I went on a date with someone famous – but a girl doesn’t tell her secre099期一肖免费中特 ts. He was quite into me. But I let that go. All I’ll say is they had famous relatives. I’m very out there but when it comes to my private life I’m quite reserved. Read MoreRelated ArticlesLove Islands Georgia Steel

is a party-loving barmaid - and shes not shy Will Georgia have sex on Love Island? (Image: Instagram) I wouldnt say Im open to anything but I wouldnt say Im going to close anything off either, she told the Mirror. When it comes to those who judge the kinky goings-on o

f the Islanders, she believes its a case of dont knock it if youve not tried it. If people that dont have the experience of being in the villa, I think its wrong for them to to make criticisms when they havent been there themselves, she explained. When I was approached the first two times I never really took it seriously, she said. My mum and dad didnt re

ally know much about the show, but mum being mum she went and did her research and she said, at the end of the day Georgia, go for it. Its an opportunity that you cant turn down. Read MoreRelated ArticlesLove Island 2018 contestants full list of Instagram and Twitter accounts Has Georgia had plastic surgery? (Image: Instagram) Georgia is always asked whether shes had work done on her lips - but theyre au natural. However, shes never confirmed or denied having other plastic procedures. Physically I’d say my bottom is my best asset. I’d also say my lips because a lot of people think I’ve had my lips done when I haven’t, and my eyes because my eyes are quite unusual, she said. Im from a really normal background, my dad drives a tractor and my mum owns a party shop in a little village up north, so Ive never really been influenced by

cosmetic surgery. The way I have been brought up is that you accept who you are, and thats the way I would always want to step forward. Read MoreRelated ArticlesLove Islands Laura Anderson confesses naughty plane sex secret during her time as an air stewardess What will Georgia do in the villa? (Image: Instagram) Describing herself as a kind-hearted girl who is one of the most honest people you could ever meet, shes not sure what will happen if her commitment to the girl code is put to the test. I do always think about other peoples feelings as well as my own, but I do what I want to do in the end, she said. Ive never been in a situation like that so I wouldnt know what to do. But Im sure I would find a way around it to not hurt anybody. When it comes to which of the past contestants she considers herself to be most like, she says theres no-one quite like her. I couldnt really compare myself to anybody because I dont think theres been anyone like me in the villa before, Georgia added. *Love Island continues every night except Saturdays at 9pm on ITV2.