Is this the face that captured Harry Styles' heart? Let's look at some more pics of Emma Ostilly...


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a friend. Ahem. And even though Harrys denied the romance, poor Emma Ostilly has had to quit Twitter after 1D super-fans trolled her, which you can read about here . R

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the mean comments were from Harrys ex Caroline Flack are probably false. But still funny. When asked about his smooching with 18 year-old American Emma, Harry was very quick to insist that theyre not getting it on. Shes just a friend. he said. Shes working over here...I prefer not to talk about it. Geez!

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e dimpled one during filming for One Directions Gotta Be You music video. Heres another p

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her, hard at work, walking down a catwalk. Because thats what models get paid to do. This is her doing the day job (Image: SPLASH) We hope they brought in extra security. Because 1D fans can run fast. And shes wearing heels.