Twin miracle: Mia and Scarlett born weighing just 25oz are looking forward to their third birthday

Cute twins Mia and Scarlett are excitedly looking forward to their third birthday. Nothing remarkable in that except they were born at just 24 WEEKS and given virtually ZERO CHANCE of survival. Parents Stephanie and Wayne Lavelle-Redrup had been warned to prepare to say their goodby


And experts believe no other twinsborn so early have ever survived in the UK. Speaking to T

he People, beautician Stephanie, 24, recalls: Id been thrilled when I fe

ll pregnant, but I never expected two babies. Once we had got over the shock we

were looking forward to the birth. A routine scan at 20 weeks had shown up two heartbeats. But just four weeks later the couples happiness was shattered when Stephanie suddenly went into labour. So Fragile: Mia on a ventilator in November 2009 It was so early they warned me that they probably wouldnt survive as their lungs werent strong enough. It was devastating news, she says. Twiglets We had been so excited, now we were being told the

y werent going to m

ake it. I couldnt stop crying. She had Mia, weighing 1lb 6oz, and S

carlett, 1lb 9oz, at Portsmouths Queen Alexandra hospital 13 hours later, on October 19, 2009, They were so incredibly tiny. Their arms just looked like Twiglets. They looked like two tiny little bird

s lying there. Their skin was translucent and I could see all their veins. After a month thetwinsopen

ed their eyes for the first time. The doctors insisted that we take each day as it came, but they were surviving. When we were able to hold them for the first time after two months it was jus

t the most incredible feeling. Loving touch: Scarlett in care unit in November 2009 But w

eeks later Mia took a turn for the worse, needing an op to fix a hole in her intestine. Then Scarlett was diagnosed with meningitis and had to be pumped full of antibiotics. Stephanie said: I didnt know how much more my girls could take. They had battled through so much. Amazingly both pulled through and weighing 4lb, their parents finally took them hom100000人跑狗图论坛2020 e to Camberley, Surrey. And in March

last year the girls were bridesmaids at the

ir wedding. Thrilled Wayne, also 24, beamed: Im so proud. Stephanie adds: Theyre our little miracles. More stories from The People Read MoreRelated ArticlesEvil people wont touch my Harvey: Jordan builds cabin at home for son Read MoreRelated ArticlesI plunged into grief when doctors said Seb ha

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