Derek Hough fancies Cheryl Cole like mad says ex

Cheryls dancer friend Derek Hough DOES have the hots for her, according to his lookalike ex. Raquelle Gracie, 22, said Derek had confessed that he thought the Girls Aloud star was an amazing woman. But singer Raquelle said Derek, 24, has too much respec

t to ever cheat with a married woman - and is just giving Cheryl a shoulder to cry on.

Raquelle - who appeared on 2007s X Factor in the girl band Hope - said: Derek thinks Cheryl is an amazing woman. She is just his type, you can tell by t

he women he has been with before. He loves gorgeous women who are talented. And women like that love him because hes a bit eccentric and a musician. He definitely fancies her. Whether they become a couple is simply up to Cheryl. Derek would be up for it. But Raquelle, who dated Derek when he was at Londons Italia Conti performing arts school and is still a close friend, reckoned he would wait until Cheryl split with Ashley before he made his move. Ex-m

odel Raquelle, from Hale, Cheshire, said: Hes very moralistic. Hes a very kind, caring guy and was a great shoulder for me to cry on when we dated at college. He will be a fantastic help for Cheryl. But he would never ever do anything unles2020第80期跑狗玄机图 s she was single. Hes not the sort of guy that would cheat. Raquelle added: Everyone loved him at Italia Conti, but he only dated a couple of other girls. He was just focused on his dance and looking after his body. He doesnt smoke, doesnt drink, doesnt do drugs and doesnt cheat. Hes overall a really nice guy - and just what Cheryl needs as a friend right now.