Alan Carr gets tipsy in interview with Westlife

ALAN Carr was supposed to be getting the big scoop on why Westlif

e were splitting up – but a few scoops too many left him slurring his words. In an interview for his Channel 4 show Ch

atty Man, the comedian joined the Irish band in downing four triple shots of super strength spirit Aftershock in just 20 minutes. It left him the worse for wear and referring to performing band The Saturdays as Th

e Sundays. As Alan, 35, downed his last Aftershock shot, he moaned: “This is like a lads’ holiday. This interview has gone to s***. I’m gonna be sick.” One audience member said: “Alan normally offers his guests a drink on Chatty Man, bu

t Westlife grabbed the bottle and poured huge s

hots. They forced him into doing them, too, and it went downhill from there. “I think a lot of the chat and the drinking will end up being edited out before it is shown on Sunday. Alan was in a bit of a state by the end, it was hilariou

s.” It meant the band spoke only briefly about their decision to quit after a Greatest Hits CD and one last tour. Kian Egan, 31, said: “We all

wanted to see what life was like without Westlife. Live a little bit differently.” They admitted the one person who was most upset2020第61期狗跑图  about them calling it a day was manager Louis Walsh. Shane Filan, 32, said: “Louis kind of ignored us for a couple of weeks, hoping it would go away.”