Judge blasts vile mum Vanessa George as she is jailed indefinitely

Nursery sex monster Vanessa George was last night facing the rest of her life behind bars. Mr Justice John Royce told the Little Teds worker: You plumbed new depths of depravity. This wicked, cold, calculated, repeated offending defies belief. Sentencing her to an indeterminate sentence of not less than seven years

, he added: This is not a seven-year sentence. If the Parole Board is not satisfied you will spend the rest of your days in prison. Many will say that would not be a day too long. The full horror of the mum-of-twos reign of abuse at the Plymouth nursery was revealed during a fourhour hearing at Bristol. George, 39, met businessman Colin Blanchard on Fac

ebook and became obsessed. Within a month she was sending him indecent images of under twos to fulfil his depraved sexual appetite. She bought a second mobile phone which she calle

d her fun phone, dirty phone and sex phone. She hid it down her cleavage to keep it from husband Andrew and their te

enage girls.


e used it to take pictures of children whi

le she was changing Some of the 124 images she sent to Blanchard, 39, showed the tots being raped and assaulted. Before Blanchard was arrested George was in almost daily contact - conversing more than 7,000 times by phone, text or email. She signed herself Your paedo whore mum and Daddies little princess. Once she wrote: We make the perfect paedo couple. The court heard George, from Plymouth, was a trusted worker. But colleagues noticed a change after she opened a Facebook account to meet men. She had already had a six-year affair with her husbands best friend and now hoped to be with Blanchard. She booked a hotel in Bristol but he never turned up so she spent the night with another man. She was involved with 15 men she met online and had sex with a mechanic in exchange for a car MOT test. She and Blanchard - who was abused as a child - only met for the first time in the dock. A psychiatrist said George - who had passed a CRB check and had previously worked as a special needs teacher - was not suffering

from mental illness. The court heard she had named a number of children she abused. But she didnt link names with images so parents still did not know which were involved. The judge said: Many parents have suffered nightmares. For many the not knowing was the hardest thing to deal with. Angela Allen,39, from Nottingham, was also given an indet

erminate sentence for raping and assaulting a girl of three. The ex-prostitute, who must serve at least five years, sent images to Blanchard. She also had contact with George, who sent her some nursery images. Blanchard, 39, from Littleborough, Rochdale, will be s2020第55期跑狗图 entenced later. Georges husband Andrew said: Justice has been done but I bitterly regret she has still refused to reveal the full names of her victims. I now plan to divorce her and begin a new life with my new partner. One mum who believes her child was a victim said: They should have thrown the key away. She has not shown a scrap of mercy. Another said: She was lovely and bubbly and great with the kids. I was shocked when she was arrested. It did not sink in until I saw her in the dock. Community worker Kathy Hancock, who worked with affected families, said: They dont think she will be released after seven years. They know she is a cold and calculating woman. Det Supt Adrian Pearson said he had sleepless nights as he pieced together the extent of the paedophile ring. He added: What would have happened if we had not come across these people? Deeply shocked Childre

ns Secretary Ed Balls said a review of the case was due soon and added: It is vital that we learn the lessons. Michele Slevin of Devon and Cornwall police promised: Well strive to identify the victims. The NSPCC said: This is a wake-up call for everyone to realise that women do sexually abuse children. VANESSA G

EORGE Met Colin Blanchard on F

acebook forum Are You Interested and became obsessed with him. She sent him 124 indecent images taken on her fun phone. In six months, the pair conversed 7,000 times by phone, text and email. In one message she wrote: We make the perfect paedophile couple. 7 YEARS MINIMUM ANGELA ALLEN The ex-prostitute sent images to Blanchard after meeting him on Facebook. They contacted eachother by phone, text and email more than 2,000 times. She

also ha

d contact with George, who sent her nursery images. Given an indeterminate life sentence for rape and assault of a girl of three 5 YEARS MINIMUM