Girl crime rises by 25 %

Crimes by girls have le

apt 25 per cent in three years fuelled by rising alcohol abuse. In the same period, overall violent crime by young people rocketed nearly 40 per cent. Girls aged from 10 to 17 committed 59,200 offences last year, up from 47,300 in 2003/4, figures revealed yesterday. About 16,000 were convicted of vi

olent attacks - a rise of 50 per cent - with offences ranging from common assaults to murder. The shocking increase is partly down to a larger girl population and police taking action in less serious crimes such as school fights. But boozing is also to blame. Academic Elaine Arnull, who helped draw up the figures for the Youth Justice Board, said: The bigger picture is that behaviour is changing. There is a link between girls using alcohol and violence. Tory shadow Home Secretary David Davis stormed: This is a shocking in

dictment of how Labour has failed 2020第97期香港新板跑狗图 to get a grip on crime and its causes, be it 24-hour drinking or family breakdown. This teenage crime wave is causing misery nationwide. What kind of problems are we storing up for the future with so many young people used to a life of crime? Earlier this month it was revealed the number of women arrested for being drunk and disorderly had soared by more than 1,000 per cent in the West Midlands in four years. The YJB figures paint a disturbing picture of lawless youth. Violence against the person soared 39 per cent to more than 56,000 offences. Robberies by under-18s rose 45 per cent to 6,855. Criminal damage cases were up 32 per cent. But there was an encouraging two per cent reduction in the number of crimes committed by boys. They were convicted of 295,000 offences last year, down from more than 301,000 in 2005-06 but still higher than three years ago. Overall, almost 40 per cent of juvenile

s who offended i

n 2005 went on to break the law again. Those locked up were the most likely to reoffend. Offe

nces by girls up 12,000 Increase blamed on booze 2% fall in offences by boys Youth crime fell 6,000