Baby Jessica Power will be wrapped in 143 years of history when she becomes the 32nd relative to wear the

same christening g

own. The seven-month-old will be baptised in the dress made by cotton mill worker Eleanor Thornber

in 1864 for her first child Isabel. It has bee

n passed down the generations and every baby christened since has had their name embroidered in the underskirt. On Tuesday we told how Charlotte Middleton, 27, of Paddock Woo

d, Kent, became the sixth bride to wear the same dre

ss passed through her family for 97 years. Yesterday Jessicas mum Claire Power,

35, said: I


so proud2020第88期跑狗图资料 that Jessica will wear it. I think its wonderful that a dress so old can

be in such good condition and still used in this era. Jessicas dad Jason, 33, wore the broderie anglaise frock at his

baptism in 1973,

as did his mum at hers in 1943. But Claire fears Jess

ica, who will be baptised later this month at Darwen, Lancs, might ruin it. She said: She is sick so many times, Im worried about it going on the dress and, because babies have got bigger these days, Im a bit worried its go

ing to be gaping at

the back!