Death row inmate who murdered three fast

A death row inmate who murdered three fast food workers in 1994 has become the 13th person to be executed in the United States this year

. Robert Melson, 46, was put to death by lethal injection in Alabama last night at 10.27pm local time (4.27am UK time). According to reports, Melson offered no final words before he was administered with a lethal injection and did

not request a final meal. He was convicted of murdering Tamika Collins, Nathaniel Baker and Darrell Collier

after he and Cuhuatemoc Peraita robbed Popeyes restaurant in Gadsden in April 1994. On the night of April 15, the men led four employees into a freezer before Melson shot them i

n cold blood. Bryant Archer survived the shooting despite being hit five times. The fast food employees were murdered at Popeyes restaurant in Gadsden Melson became the second person to be executed from the death penalty in Alabama in two weeks and the 13th overall in the United States. None of his relatives were present for his final moments at Alabamas death chamber in Atmore. The mum and two sisters of 18-year-old victim Tam2020管家婆开奖彩色图 ika Collins were said to be present for the execution. Melson was put to death at the William C. Holman correctional facility in Atmore (Image: NYTNS / Redux / eyevine) Speaking after Melson died, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said: Robert Melsons decades-long avoidance of justice is over. Read MoreRelated ArticlesId rather be fishing: Memorable final words uttered by death row inmates moments befor

e they are executed For twenty-three years, the families of the three young people whose lives he took, as well as a survivor, have waited for closure and healing. That process can finally begin tonight. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey added: As governor, I do not relish the responsibility that I hold related to executions of those convicted of capital murder in this state. Read MoreRelated ArticlesWoman serial killer who raped and murdered her own SISTER and two other girls is now volunteering at primary school However, it is my duty and my charge, on behalf of the peop

le of Alabama, to ensure that justice is done, by both the victims and the convicted. I have given

the facts of this case and Mr Melsons request for clemency the highest level of scrutiny and revie

w. After carefully considering the nature of this crime, a triple-murder in a public restaurant, the evidence presented to and considered by a jury, and the mitigating factors presented by Mr Melson, I determined that justice

and the law of this state required me to deny his clemency petition and to allow the punishment to be carried out.