Is this the goriest Halloween video ever? Blood, guts and entrails in glorious HD

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ideo disturbing This gory and most definitely gutsy Halloween video from mobile network giffgaff is sure to shock and surprise you in equal measure. Blood, guts and entrails are all on101期王中王跑狗网  the menu as 150 teens fling all manner of things at each other while battling in an empty

swimming pool in Essex. As the intestines fly and dismembered eyeballs are - in one case - eaten, it is all captured in glorious high definition by directors Jonas and Francois. T

he pair - who have worked in less bloody conditions with the likes of Justice, Kanye West and Madonna - aime

d to recreate the infamous La Tomatina tomato fight in Spain. And they certainly capture the mayhem as the battle-ready volunteers get covered head to toe in the fake blood and guts. Not one for the faint hearted - or the faint of stomach for that matter! Have you eve

r seen a more gory video? Let us know what you think below.