Woman's sudden outpouring of grief over dad prompts unexpected response from strangers

For all the joy and exci2020管家婆大全123 tement involved, the festive build-up isnt solely a

time of cookie-cutter happiness and warm-and-fuzzy feelings. Scratch beneath the surface and its actually quite a painful period for many of

us. Vast swathes of the population are struggling with money, with mental health difficulties, with keenly-felt absences and grief. The thing with grief is that it can strik

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t any time - especially around Christmas - and this is precisely what happened to Rachael Prior. It came out of the blue in Marks Spencer. While out shopping with her husband, it was the sight of a red woolly jumper in MSs menswear department wh

ich caught Rachael off-guard. I caught sight of this cosy red jumper and thought it was the sort of thing my late father would love. Id have picked it for him and I could imagine his face in that moment, Rachael told the BBC . 10 years may have gone by since her father, Lynton, passed away, but tha

t didnt stop or lessen the wave of sadness which came over her. Her decision to tweet about was a split-second one, without any agenda - yet it had a huge impact on others. Read MoreRelated

ArticlesPeople are sharing the haunting last text messages they received from someone they lost Including singer Alison Moyet. And TV personality James Corden. Author JK Rowling too. But it also struck a chord with countless other regular people, who could empathise with what Rachael was going through. Read MoreRelated ArticlesSeeing loved ones from beyond the grave is normal and can even help with grief  We especially love the last tweet. Use good judgement in credit card purchases... is solid and classic fatherly advice. If youre experiencing loneliness or struggling with sadness, dont suffer in silence. You can contact the Samaritans free, any time, from any phone on 116 123.