WA govt sued for 0m over hospital


rn Australias government is vowing to fight a $300 million legal claim from building

company John Holland over issues with the Perth Childrens Hospital. Following two years of discussions, the company says the state government has failed to fairly compensate John Holland for "late and significant changes" to its contract. The $1.2 billion hospital opened about three years lat

e in 2018 after problems including asbestos in ceiling panels and l

ead in drinking water. John Holland claim

s it is owed more than $300 million and a spokeswoman said the compan2020管家婆图大全123 y had "no other option" than to proceed with costly litigation. The state has its own claim against the China-owned company over project completion delays. Premier Ma

rk McGowan, whose Labor government came into power in 2017, has pledged to protect taxpayers interests

. "Well fight this claim," Mr McGowan told reporters on Wednesday. "These are historic issues caused by the incompetence of the last Liberal-National government. But well fight this matter in the interests of West Australian taxpayers." The premier did not deny when asked if the governmen

t had made separate offers of $12 million and $20 million in 2018 in

a bid to settle the dispute. "What happens with these things is you just try and resolve issues as affordably as you can,&qu

ot; he said. "But obviously John Holland wasnt interested in that." John Holland said in its statement the construction process had been "marred by extensive and late state design and construction changes". But Mr McGowa

n rejected suggestions the government should not have sought to take possession of the hospital when it did. "Its absolutely preposterous," he said. "Had we not done that, we would

have an empty building with no kids in it and a decrepit Princess Margaret Hospital. "What we did is we sorted out the issues by taking back control of the hospital and sorting out the lead in the water, which the last government couldnt do." Australian Associated Press