From Cookies to Clay: Chatham Buyers Hungry for High Floor Pay 0K Over Ask

In 1977, 12-year-old Kimberley Rawlings suggested the name Otis Spunkmeyer for her parents nascent cookie business. The name stuck and so did the cookies—not to the baking tray—but to American appetites, growing from a single store in Oakland, Calif., into theNo.1 frozen cookie dough manufacturer in the U.S., currently providing baked goods to over 100,000 wholesale customers, including American Airlines and the U.S. Military (and you wondered why the defense budget was so high).Founded by Kimberleys parents Kenneth and Linda Rawlings, the companys success largely hinged on the move from retailer to wholesaler and Mr. Rawlings revolutionary appr

oach to marketing frozen cookie dough to

wholesale customers. Unlike competitors, Mr. and Ms. Rawlings frozen cookie dough shipments included the loan of a pre-set temperature oven, pre-sliced cookie dough and brand marketing materials to fuel impulse cookie purchasing.This move from retailer to wholesaler took

place in the mid-1980s. According to city records, Ms. Rawlings is making another move, selling her high-floor three-bedroom at tony Upper East Side condominium The Chatham for $6.3 million to Jules Jergensen watch heirs, Roberta and Deborah Clayman.The apartment, which was only on the market for 17 days according to the Web site Streeteasy, was listed at $5.75 million, over ha2020第82期跑狗图资料 lf a million dollars less than the recorded payment price. Certainly high-floor units at the swank Rob

ert A.M. Stern-designed, amenity-rich condominium building are rare and quickly coveted, but does this $500,000 price jump spell bidding war? Unfortunately, we may never know, considering that Brown Harris Stevens listing agent Mike Lubin and the buyers agent, Prudential Douglas Ellimans Doree

n Courtright, both declined to comment for the article.Roberta and Deborah Clayman, widow and daughter, respectively, of Morton Clayman, longtime owner of the Jules Jergensen watch company, will be able to enjoy citywide views throu

gh oversized picture windows as well as soaring ceilings, individually climate controlled rooms and multiple walk-in closets. Oh, how Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous, but I guess thats just the way the cookie