McCormack triumphs over Barnaby Joyce in Nationals leadership spill

Michael McCormack has survived a challenge from Barnaby Joyce this morning to hang on to the Nationals leadershipDavid Littleproud becomes deputy leader. The 21-member


ionals party room

met from 9am till 9.40am, with Mr McCormack and Mr Joyce each leaving the room while the other spoke. The parliamentarians were told to leave their phones at the door. The attempted coup was sparked by the resignation of party deputy leader Bridget McKenzie over the sports grant

s affair, with disgruntled parliamentarians taking the opportunity to move against Mr McCormack. Mr Joyce makes no secret of his ambition to return to the leadership after he was force to resign two years ago under pressure over an affair with his staffer - and has said before if the position becomes vacant he will stand. But Mr McCormack said it was time to draw a line

in the sand. He said he had been endorsed as leader when Mr Joyce2020管家婆之八肖实战

resigned two years ago, again after the 2018 election and again on Tuesday. "Thats three times in less than three two years. I thi

nk thats enough to warrant me leading the party going forward," he said. He had shook Mr Joyces hand, wo

uld continue to work with him and did n

ot expect him to

challenge again, he saidAs for Matt Canavan, who gave sudden wind to Mr Joyces sails on Monday night when he resigned from his ministerial



to back him, Mr McCormack signalled he would remain on the backbench. "He h

as resigned his com

mission as resources minister. I wish him all the best," Mr McCormack said.