Women draw lines on their bodiesView gallery Four women stripped down to their underwear and highlighted their physical flaws with a black marker pen to challenge societys views about 2020第68期开奖号码 female perfection. Sarah Coffman, 23, and three friends drew lines on their bodies similar to how a plasti

c surgeon would during a consultation. Inked: The women used a black marker pen to highlight their so-called imperfections (Image: Terrance Smalls) The powerful photographs, named the Lines Series, show the women reading magazines featuring models and actresses while they sit in a doctors office waiting room covered in ink. Photographer Terrance Smalls, who took the pictures, explained on his website: We live in a society where women are constantly being stripped down and evaluated, without physically being stripped down. Challenge: The photographs ridicule the medias depiction of female bodies (Image: Terrance Smalls) Well, what does it look like when we actually strip women down and evaluate their physical shortc

omings? How insan

e does it look?

How uncomfortab

le does it make us feel? The purpose of this series was to find out. Retouched: The women wore patterned bras and underwear and donned coiffed hair and faces full of make

-up (Image: Terrance Smalls) Sarah, who was joined by friends Tiffany Stevens, Rose Duquette and Ashley Arce, put a spin on pin-up inspired photoshoots, with coiffed hair, done by Connie Novello, and heavy make-up, by Tiana Smalls. Terrance, who said the over

-the-top look was a conscious decision, added: Yes, the ladies are wearing a lot of makeu

p, more than they would if they were just going out, and yes, the images have been retouched. Models: Sarah enlisted the help o

f three friends, who all agreed to pose (Image: Terrance Smalls) All of the women had lines and arrows drawn over

their breasts, on areas of their stomachs and around their arms and thighs, highlighting what many might perceive to be their ‘problem’ areas. Sarah, who goes by the name ‘nerdygy

psy’ online, shared the images on Reddit yesterday, posting: So my friends and I

put on a photoshoo

t a few months back, this became the result. We were trying to more or less expose the ridiculousness involved in photoshoots. poll loadingDo you think the photographs challenge societys view of female perfection?0+ VOTES SO FARYESNO