Dad fell for Posh

The WAGs at the World Cup were hilarious. Their unoffi

cial queen, Posh

Spice, adopted my dad as her bodyguard.  What a pair t2020第67期玄机跑狗图 hey made. My dad first met Victoria Beckham in Portugal in 2004. He admitted being struck by a blind panic as she walked towards him in the hotel lobby.

He was on his way to the hotel laundry room and got so flustered as Posh approached, he dropped his dirty washing. He found himself on all fours desperately trying to retrieve his smelly underpants as Posh strutted past in her designer outfit and high heels. By the time of the 2006 World Cup, Posh had enlisted his help to protect her from journalists. When she needed someone to give the p


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threatening scowl, shed find him in the bar.