A nine-month-old baby girl has died after being attacked by a pit bull as she sat in her bouncy chair. Baby Liana Valiano was at her pat

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ers house in Miarmar, Florida when the attack occurred. The babys mother Brenda Villain dropped her daughter off on Wednesday 

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ter she received a phone call to say something horrible had happened to her little girl. When sh

e arrived at the scene, police told her Liana was dead and had been killed by the family dog. Lianas mother Brenda Villasin, 24, was distraught at her daughters death Read MoreRelated ArticlesPolice shoot dead rampaging Rottweiler that savaged five people in street as owner watches on and screams Brenda, 24, was in tears as she spoke to reporters outside the house saying: I am numb right now. She was the best thing to ever happen to me. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says that youre gonna lose somebody they love. The young woman told of how she dropped Liana to her gran

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nursery. The male dog was one of three in the home and was around three or four years old and had been with the family since he was a puppy. The home in Miramar, Florida where the attack took place Brenda said she did not blame the breed of dog, a pit bull, for the attack (Image: iStockphoto) Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will s

tart in8CancelPlay now Police said they received a 911 call at 11.30am on Wednesday to report th

at a child was being attacked by a pet. All three dog

s were taken away by animal control but its not known if the dog that attacked Liana will be put down. Lianas mother Brenda said she didnt blame2020管家婆一句玄机 the breed of dog saying: I still dont feel any type of way about a pit bull.