Kylie Jenner takes a giant leap for Klankind as she pioneers the front camera

The Kardashian-Jenner Klan are a pioneering bunch but now one of their number has made an historic discovery. Bruce Jenner was the greatest athlete in the world, Robert Kardashian was the jammiest defence lawyer in the world and Kim Kardashian single handedly (in a manner of speaking) invented the sex tape.

But Kylie Jenner 10期一句解平特 , at just 17, had radically shifted the world on its axis by making use of her phones front camera. We all like a selfie. Some people, pres

umably those with short arms, even use those silly sticks. But has anyone made a serious fist of using the front camera before? Instagram The average dog and bone may have a convenient bent wrist-eliminating camera for such things which even allows you to line yourself up on the display. But does anyone actually use the grainy little devil? They do now. And just look how clear, pouty and pretty the worlds second most famous Kylie looks.

Kylie commented: I never take selfies with the f

ront camera who knew this s*** was so good. Lol. Makeup by me duuuuh. Kim, 34, may

have broken the internet

by oiling up her platitudinous posterior, but now Kylie has single handedly ripped up the selfie manual. Its one small step for a Kylie, one gigantic leap for Klankind. poll loadingDo you use the front camera?0+ VOTES SO FARNo of course notWerent you listening? I said no of course not!