Beloved 'dead' pet claws its way out of a grave and returns to family five weeks after it 'died'

It sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel. A dead pet clawed its way out of its grave and returned to its family five weeks after it was buried. Rachel Haspell was devastated when she found her beloved bearded dragon, Nala, slumped over her water bowl - not breathing and lifeless. Rachel, from Northwich, Cheshire, attempted CPR on Nala before taking her to the vets - who confirmed she had passed away. The 42-year-old buried her pet in cardboard box in her garden which she had bought from a local pet shop in 2016. (Image: Northwich Guardian / Read MoreRelated ArticlesVenomous brown snake holds mum and her children captive inside home as it banged on the front door But in an eerie echo of the horror writers best seller, Pet Cemetery, the bearded dragon reappeared - very much alive - on Rachels back lawn five weeks later. All along Nala had been in a state of hibernation, where her heart rate had dropped right down - but when she awoke, managed to dig her way out of her own grave. Rachel, a former dentistry nurse, said: The whole family was absolutely devastated when we thought Nala had passed away. After noticing that Nala wasnt breathing I panicked, I tried to give her CPR by putting her head in my mouth and her tail was swinging but I still couldnt see that sh

e was breathing, I even tried chest compressions. My dad helped me bury her in the garden, we dug a grave that was at least a foot deep and covered the cardboard box with soil. Even though we were all really upset we knew we had to move on. (Image: Northwich Guardian / Around five weeks later my dad and uncle came round and all of a sudden they were shouting my name from outside. I went to have a look at what all the commotion was about and I saw Nala on my uncles chest. We all just stood there and looked at each other in shock, we didnt know what to do, they had found Nala sunning herself on the lawn. Thankfully she is now back to her normal self, and has become quite the celebrity in the local area. I cannot believe we buried her alive, I think its really important for other owners and vets to know about hibernation, I would hate for anyone

else to make the same mistake that I did. She added: Wed had a really hot day and so I put Nala outside with my pet hedgehog Mowgli. Later on that day I went to get Nala but I saw that she was slumped over her food bowl, she had been sick and wasnt moving. I picked her up and her tail moved, but she was black all underneath where she is usually a pale orange colour. (Image: Northwich Guardian / Read MoreRelated ArticlesNew species of giant rat discovered

is so big it can crack coconuts with its teeth When I took her to the vet, I told them what her symptoms were but all the vet said after taking a look at her was that she was dead. I placed her in a shoe box, but we werent ready to bury her just yet and over the next few days I regularly checked on her. My youngest son, Louie, 12, was really affected, he really missed Nala and it was horrible to see how upset he was. However, five weeks after burying her beloved pet, Rachel had the shock of her life when the dragon appeared in her back garden, alive and well. Rac

hel said: We just couldnt believe our eyes, but I knew I needed to check it was actually her and so I looked at her tail as I knew she had a little knobbly bit on the end, it confirmed it was. The box was made from really thick cardboard but she scratched her way ou2020管家婆传密 t and dug her way through the soil. I guess it must have taken her a good we

ek to break free, but she was so fat that I assume she must have been eating all of the worms as she went along. Rachel called the vets, who at first didnt believe her, but agreed to see Nala free of charge. However it was due to her own research that Rachel found Nala had entered a state of brumation or hibernation, after over exposure to warm temperatures or bright lights. She added: The vets were were just as shocked as we had been, they checked her over and confirmed she was alive. I said, well of course she is. After Nala had entered her hibernation her heart rate dropped to one beat per hour, her body

began to shut down and thats why she appeared dead. She fooled everyone, but we are so thankful to have her back. Shes a local celebrity now, whenever I take her out and about, everyone wants a picture with the dragon that came back to life.