Young boy, 5, 'necks Guinness' in Irish pub as adults egg him on

A young boy has been filmed downing a half pint of Guinness i

n a pub as adults whoop and cheer. The unid

entified youngster - who

looks about four or five years old - can be se

en playing with a toy car before he talks to the camera with the full

half pint of the alcoholic drink in his right hand. He then picks up t

he glass an

d starts to guzzle it down. One of the men with him can he heard encouraging the youngster to go on, keep it going before adding fair play to you boy, clearly impre2020第53期跑狗图 ssed by what he is watching. As the little one gets close to finishing the men get even more excited, with one saying: Go on, all the way, you have it. The boy needed two hands to hold the half pint glass (Im

age: He drank it al

l in one go (Image: Read MoreRelated ArticlesIs this proof this British pub is haunted? Locals believe ghost of man murdered by father and brother has returned The boy is instructed to tip the glass as the last bit of the drink disappears. He then holds the empty glass up

high before givin

g a thumbs up to the camera. A Garda spokeswoman told the Irish Mirror they were trying to establish the

facts behind the incident. She said: An Garda Sochna are aware of a video which shows a young

child drinking alcohol. He had been playing with a toy car in the pub (Image: His supporters whooped and cheered (Image: Read MoreRela

ted ArticlesTwo

fuel tankers explode causing huge fireball as 14-vehicle motorway pile-up leave

s two dead The video is currently on various social media websites. The Garda National Protective Services Bureau are currently investigating this matter to establish the full facts.