Secret jail documents shed new light on love

Secret jail documents have shed new light on the love-hate relationship between the Kray twins and their sinister “almost telepathic” bond. After they were separated, Reggie was allowed regular

visits to his brother in Broadmoor until Ron died i

n 1995. But long-lost prison records have revealed that instead of a joyful reunion, the meetings would often pass in eerie silence. A prison officer ordered to observe Reggie during the trips to Broadmoor wrote in his report: “His relationship with his brother was of a curious love-hate nature. Meetings betw

een Ronnie and Reggie would often pass in eerie silence, prison records reveal (Image: Getty Images) Reggie died March 17 in hospital two days after collapsing in Broadmoor Hospital (Image: Reuters) Broadmoor where Ron was held unti

l he d

ied (Image: ITV) Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now Read MoreRelated ArticlesGrave of Kray twins most notorious victim smashed up in revenge attack from beyond the grave “Sometimes on his regular visits to see his brother in Broadmoor they exchanged hardly a word.” The Kray’s mother Violet campaigned successfully for her boys to do their time together in Parkhurst after Ron attempted suicide in Durham. But confidential prison records noted that together the twins were dubbed “The Godfathers” who were both worshipped and feared by other inmates. Ron was shipped o

ff to Broadmoor in July 1979, and Reggie was transferred to lower security Long Lartin Prison in January 1981. Medical notes record that when Reggie returned to Parkhu

rst in 1982, staff were shock

ed by the change in appearance from the man they remembered as “a lively humorous East Ender”. He was said in reports to be “sallow, drawn, looking very worried and concerned, had lost his confidence and was clearly upset.” Twin brothers and organised crime bosses Ronnie and Reggie Kray in Cedra Court (Image: Getty) Ronnie Kray with Lord Boothby and Leslie Holt Read MoreRelated ArticlesFormer Krays adviser and underworld crime boss Bert Battles Rossi dies aged 94 Reggie only revealed the devastating impact of the separation years after his twin’s death. He was aged 64, when he finally opened up to an unnamed prison probation officer from the Krays’ old haunt of Bethnal Green. The officer won Reggie’s trust in the two years before his death and wrote a report for the Parole Board concluding he had been as bad as his twin but was no longer a threat to the public and should be given a release date. He wrote: “I know much of the escalating violence by the Kray twins has been laid at the feet of Ronald Kray. “Reginald Kray has always refuted this and I have no evidence to dispute the fact that each was as culpable as the other.” Ronnie and Reggie Kray were feared across London (Image: Mirrorpix) Kray Twins Ronald and Reginald in 1966 The probation officer concl

uded following his brother’s transfer to Broadmoor, Reggie’s mental health “suffered severely”2020第98期开马跑狗图 . His report concluded: “Until his separation from his brother, Mr Kray’s identity

had been inextricably linked to his twin. “There is much anecdotal evidence of communication between the Kray twins being almost telepathic. “Mr Kray does not go so far himself but certainly gives account of a very intense and close relationship with his brother. “I

have not time to consider the voluminous research of the phenomenon of twins but believe there would be an expectation that an enforced separation would be traumatic. “The fact that Reg Kray was one of two Kray twins, both very violent young men, meant that both became together, greater than the sum of each individually. “Changes to Mr Kray’s attitude and reappraisal of his values have been the result of a long process. “If nothing else, Mr Kray has had plenty of time

to think over the past 30 years.” Reggie Kray before he died in 2000 Kray was finally freed from prison in August 2000 by Home Secretary Jack Straw because of his failing health and died in his sleep aged 66 two months later after a battle against bladder cancer. The secret report

written when Kray was held in HMP Wayland in January 1998 was discovered among files released into the National Archives after his death.