Leukaemia boy aged 5 enjoys dream day out on building site

A little boy suffering with leukaemia enjoyed a dream day out - work

ing on a building site. Brave Euan Leslie, aged 5, 10块钱复式四肖赔多少倍 endures daily chemotherapy, steroids and spinal injections every 12 weeks.  But he was given a day off from his gruelling treatment at Glasgow’s new Royal Hospital for Children to put on a hard hat, the Daily Record reports .  Proud mum Monica, 37, said: “Euan is a little soldier who has been through so much but he doesn’t let it keep him down. He loves building things and wears his own high-vis vest, wellies

and jogging bottoms around the house. “Euan is at his happiest when he is building me a boat out of all the living-room cushions or out pretending sand is cement and doing my patio. “I’m just so grateful for Euan’s surprise today. He has been through such a

horrific time so it’s great to see him enjoying something special. “Knowing people out there would go to these lengths for him makes that battle a little bit easier for us. I just hope he realises he doesn’t have a job with them and he isn’t expected to turn up for work on Monday.” Euan got the cement mixer he wanted for his birthday in October but not satisfied with plastic work tools, he longed for the real stuff. And after his aunt Angela Patton, 46, contacted a loc

al radio station to tell him about Euan’s strange Christmas requests, it was inundated with offers. Yesterday, he was invited along to Clyde 1’s studios where he was handed a box of goodies from Jewson builders merchants in East Kilbride. Then Milton of Campsie-based Scottish Plant and Operators took him on a tractor drive – and to cap it all, the brothers were taken to an Everlast building si

te where

Euan pulled on his hard hat and got stuck in.